True writers and artists that make the impossible, possible.

When it comes to the left-brained part of our company, we are truly equipped with some of the most creative minds in the industry. They are creative problem solvers and thinkers with the talent to take your brand to the next level. Our creative team takes the results of research, the vision of Media, and the direction of Account Services and puts them in a left-brained blender. The result is one of the best creative products in the nation, handcrafted specifically for each client.


If you believe in letting artists create art, you have to give them the tools to ply their trade. Our first-rate team of editors & producers are pros at bringing the creative vision to life. Whether shooting aerial drone footage of huge dealership inventory, manning the post-production edits in our Avid Suite or directing vocal talents in our state-of-the-art Audio Suite, this team proves they can do it all while delivering world-class work for clients.

Aerial Content

Not all drones (or drone operators) are created equal. At The McCarthy Companies, we employ the best of the best drone operators who film at the highest level with the latest 4K technology. This results in a product that is truly the best in the nation.

Taking market share from your competitors, one impression at a time.


Positioned on the leading edge of automotive advertising, our Media Strategists are anything but traditional spot buyers. This experienced team develops strategic, customized, and integrated plans that reach consumers at every level of the buying cycle, using multiple touch-points across the latest platforms.


Go to battle with our tenured professionals who will aggressively negotiate all buys and hold media partners accountable for every dollar spent as if it’s their own.  Our stringent auditing process assures the highest level of accountability on all buys.

 The front line. The tip of the spear. Knife-fighters.

All of these have describe Account Services, and when it comes to The McCarthy Companies, nobody knows your dealership's business better than your Account Team. If your account was a ship, they would be the captain. They know where you've been, they know where you're going and they will do whatever it takes to get there. Weekend to weekend, day to day, they assess everything from media opportunities to ROI and make decisions with a market share mindset and a crush-the-competition attitude.


The McCarthy Companies has created a one-of-a-kind program called the COMPASS REPORT which overlays Cross-Sell Reports, Media Indexing, Competitive Marketing / Spending and information pulled directly from CRM tools to outline the greatest opportunities.