Being Compliant Doesn't Kill Our Creativity

Automotive Compliance has been a stable for The McCarthy Companies since its inception.  Processes have been put in to place to assure our clients brand is always protected.  There are no other alternatives; in this day and age of automotive advertising you absolutely must stay compliant.  With predatory lawyers and the Federal Trade Commission constantly policing our industry it’s the logical choice for a car dealership to partner with an agency that understands State laws and Manufacturer rules in regards to compliance.  Ask your current advertising agency if they have a Compliance department or do they just shoot from the hip? The McCarthy Companies trains soldiers and not rebels.  Everything we do stays within the guardrails of compliance.

Compliance isn’t a fearful word to The McCarthy Companies.  We understand how to sell cars with an urgent “believable” message that is catered to your dealership and stays within the guidelines of being Compliant.  What good is it if we help you sell a million cars only to have the Federal Trade Commission come knocking at your door to levy a million dollar fine.  Our Compliance Department stays up-to-minute on any new updates.  State Laws and Manufacturer rules are ever changing.  There are no grandfather laws to protect car dealers from any past indiscretions, intentional or not.  If a new law is passed you must abide by it! With changes seemingly coming daily The McCarthy Companies constantly stays on top of compliance.  Everything from SEO, broadcast to direct mail copy won’t leave our agency without a stamp of compliance approval.

The McCarthy Companies is standing by ready to take your dealership to the next level, all while staying within all regulations.  As your compliance alliance, we’ll look at your current advertising and make you aware of any dangerous infractions that might be occurring.  Don’t wait until you receive a warning or even a fine.  Contact us now for your free compliance audit!